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John Novak420leaks is a project founded by Washington State cannabis activist and medical advocate John Novak.  It is dedicated to exposing the ongoing corruption and secrecy in government and industry on cannabis, protect and expand medical rights and honest science on drug laws.  He was raided by a multi-jurisdictional drug task force 2010.

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6514879Co Editor John Worthington has been a major contributor to 420leaks from day 1.  He’s been fighting corruption against the war on cannabis patients and open government since the early days of the medical cannabis movement after the 1998 laws passed.  He was raided by a multi-jurisdictional drug task force 2007.



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  1. The times they are a changin’, and so are the tactics. Several years ago the Feds made simple, expensive, and time consuming busts using swat teams and plenty of guns against apothecary workers. That tactic changed with the introduction of the pen mightier than the sword m.o.. They wrote a letters to the landlords and suggested that they evict their tenants who might be dispensing narcotics or face losing their buildings.

    This year numerous raids upon these schedule one drug dealers were done without arrests. After seizures of phones, computers, any and all patient information and cash they all were told to appear before a grand jury to be convened in September.

    It is a citizen’s right to refuse testimony at any information gathering grand jury. A zealous prosecutor can ask virtually anything, and the person called to testify appears without benefit of counsel (the person may have counsel outside the doors, and may leave after each question for advice, any advice other than to not testify). It is as citizen’s right not to rat on their friends and family.

    It is also the judge’s right to hold the citizen in contempt to coerce the testimony, hold the citizen in prison, for the remaining length of the grand jury (a grand jury is 18 months long). The prosecutor may also begin another grand jury, a potential of 36-months of contempt incarceration if the citizen “… will not and cannot cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.” Lillian Hellman.

    The prosecutor may then charge the person with criminal contempt, punishable for up to 10 years for contempt. At this stage the person is allowed counsel and jury protections.

    My questions for your investigators … what is the status of the grand jury where all these people were told to appear (conveniently brought forth in the Tacoma district), has anyone been held in contempt? (this is public info) If no one has been held in contempt it is an easy leap of faith to assume that everyone has testified to everything they know….

    ps please start a letter writing campaign (paper is preferred followed by digital) to urge our Governor to not sign any bill that goes against the voters’ initiative to let cannabis care remain unaffected by I-502, soon.

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