Is Legal Marijuana Safe? Independent study says no.

April 6, 2015
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Is Legal Marijuana Safe? Independent study says no.

Recreational users and medical patients to picket recreational outlet store in Seattle

Along with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington came reassurances that the products offered to the public for consumption would be lab tested for safety and consistency.

A recent study by a Washington state physician that is documented by Seattle Times reporter Evan Bush shows this is far from the case. The doctor says, “The public is being lied to about the state marijuana being properly tested for safety. It is not!”

Two weeks ago emergency trauma physician Gil Mobley, MD, purchased seven various marijuana products from two different stores in the Seattle area licensed by the state to sell recreational marijuana. The samples were delivered to five different Seattle area marijuana testing labs and one in Portland to undergo an extensive battery of tests.

“I was shocked at the results as every citizen from the state should be, especially those who have been misled into believing that they are consuming safe and quality tested cannabis products. Anything coming out of these stores should be considered unsafe until proven otherwise, and industry is years away from that goal.”

Specifically, the study showed an alarming fivefold variance in the amount of psychoactive THC between the state approved labs performing the testing on the same product. That is a 500% difference.

Additionally, four labs found four different retained solvents in concentrates that none of the other 5 labs found: methanol, isopropanol, acetone and alkane, all classified as poisons.

Mobley said that equally as disturbing is the fact of 248 pesticides are approved to use on cannabis plants in the state yet there is not one lab in Washington capable of testing for these poisons. He was astonished that this was “news” to the state’s marijuana examiner, Tim Gates, only two weeks ago. (The samples had to be transported illegally to a neighboring state for pesticide testing.)

Steve Sarich, long time patient advocate, agreed, criticizing the agency in charge of regulating the recreational drug.  “The Liquor Control Board is telling the legislature that patients ‘will be safer’ if they are forced into the recreational system because their products are being ‘tested’. In fact, not one of these products has ever been tested for dangerous pesticides.  The reality is that patients’ lives could very well be put in danger by using these any of these products.  It’s time for the LCB to start telling the truth to the press and to the legislature about their total lack of pesticide testing.”

Dr. Mobley adds, “Until the state institutes a quality assurance plan for these labs and begins proficiency testing for accuracy, my advice for the recreational consumers and medical cannabis patients alike is to stay away from the stores and don’t use any cannabis products unless you know exactly who grew or produced them.”

“That’s the epitome of hypocrisy; the legislature should be ashamed of themselves for not protecting the public! This is all about money and it is reprehensible for public health to take a back seat to state profits,” Mobley concluded.

The pot protest will take place on Tuesday morning April 7, 2015, at 11 AM in front of Uncle Ike’s recreational marijuana store at 2310 East Union Street in downtown Seattle. The event has been timed it to coincide with proposed legislation in Olympia sharply restricting the current provisions for medical marijuana patients.

For additional information please contact Dr. Gil Mobley, MD on cell 417-848-6100 or at

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