I-502 Licensees Sell Out Medical and Support SB 5887 to End Medical

By Steve Sarich
Cannabis Action Coalition

Here are are the list of people from the community that signed in to support Senator Rivers bill 5887 to end medical cannabis in Washington. Thanks to them, Rivers’ bill has now moved out of the Healthcare Committee and on to the Commerce & Labor committee. From there it goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

What do all these people (except Ryan Day) have in common?

Most if not all have applied for 502 Producer licenses.

Ezra Eickmeyer (Washington Cannabis Association)
Alex Cooley (Solstice)
Dawn Darrington (Choice Wellness)
Patrick Seifert (Rainier Express)
Tammy Ramsay (Bicknell)
Cat Jeter (Independent Cannabis Producers)
Phil Dawdy (Washington Cannabis Association)
Jake Lamont (Associated with Phil & Ezra)
Michael Paxhia (Herbal Healing)
Jeff Gilmore (Tenino)
Ryan Day

They added their support to these fine folks:
Kristi Weeks – DOH
Don Pierce – Washington Association of Sheriffs’ and Police Chiefs
Candice Bock – Association of Washington Cities
Brian Enslow – Wash. Association of Counties
Rick Garza – Liquor Control Board

If you don’t believe me, here’s the official sign-in sheet from the Committee Staff. If medical dies this year, you’ll know who to thank.

5887 Sign In


Please contact the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee Members below and tell them no changes to RCW 69.51a in 2014!  No registry, no taxation, NO LCB!

Committee Members

Senator Room Phone
Holmquist Newbry, Janéa (R) Chair INB 106B (360) 786-7624
Braun, John (R) Vice Chair INB 103 (360) 786-7638
Conway, Steve (D) * JAC 212 (360) 786-7656
Hasegawa, Bob (D) JAC 220 (360) 786-7616
Hewitt, Mike (R) INB 204 (360) 786-7630
King, Curtis (R) JAC 305 (360) 786-7626
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (D) JAC 219 (360) 786-7670

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