Cannabis Patients Turn Out to Say NO to LCB, DOH & DOR Recommendations

Something like 800+ patients turned out in Lacey back on November 13th to let the 3 state agencies tasked by the legislators to change RCW 69.51a know exactly what they felt:  Changes to our Medical Cannabis Laws are unwelcome and signal the people are far ahead of politicians and bureaucrats when it comes to this issue.

Elected officials should take note that their jobs will be at risk by going against the will of the people.

One of the most incredible parts is in the beginning when the woman from the Department of Health tells the LCB and the crowd that they know nothing about the medical qualities of cannabis, yet want to set medical standards for patients. The first laws for medical cannabis use in this state passed in 1979 and they still don’t know anything about it speaks volumes, especially when not a single person in their work group is a medical doctor.

Full video of the hearing from

Video from KIRO Channel 7


Kaya from the Cannabis Action Coalition tells it like it is


MMJ Draft Recommendations 10-21-13 (1) by 420leaks

See more documents from the “MMJ Work Group” here

Read more about this secret group and their plans to end medical HERE

Top five comments in emails received by subject matter to the LCB on these recommendations:

Continue to allow medical marijuana patients and care givers to grow medical marijuana at home: 362

The medical marijuana law in statute should remain unchanged: 237

Continue to allow for collective gardens, access points or medical dispensaries: 226

The draft medical marijuana recommendations for possession amounts are too small: 126

There should not be a single integrated system for medical and recreational marijuana: 96

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