Recall Petition Filed Against Governor Jay Inslee Over I-502 Corruption

By Steve Sarich

On November 1, 2013, the Washington State Attorney General’s office filed a recall petition against Governor Jay Inslee for alleged corruption related to the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s implementation of I-502. “This case involves charges by a citizen that an elected official be recalled from office”.

The petition contains a “ballot synopsis of the charges”.  The Attorney General has petitioned the Thurston County Superior Court to make a decision “as to whether the charges are sufficient and for approval of the  ballot synopsis”.  The AG’s Office advises the court that the hearing must be conducted within 15 days of receipt.  Judge Price was currently scheduled to hear this case on November 13th at 3pm, but the complainant, Arthur West, has filed a “Declaration of Recusal for Cause”, asking that Judge Price be recused from hearing the case.  This motion for Recusal will be heard by Judge Price on November 12th at noon.

According to the State statue (RCW 29A.56.140) the case must be heard and decided by November 15th. We’ll update the story as the case proceeds.

It’s pretty clear that no matter which party prevails, the losing party will file an expedited appeal with the Washington State Supreme Court.  The best information we have is that this could happen within 10 days of the Superior Court Decision, but we’ll get more clarity on this within the next day or two.

If the Supreme Court decides the that the charges are sufficient and the ballot synopsis is correct, signature gathering could begin.  At this time we are unclear on the exact number of signatures necessary, but we’ll be posting that information.  If enough signatures are gathered, a special Recall Election would be held.

We’ll post all documents on this breaking story here as they come to us.

Inslee recall 01 by 420leaks

Inslee recall complaint docs by 420leaks

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