Washington State Bureaucrats Declare War on the Sick and Disabled for Financial Gain

waronpatientsIt’s now official. The Liquor Control board released their first draft recommendations for the Medical Cannabis Act in Washington State.

MMJ Draft Recommendations 10-21-13 (1)

This is the end of the Medical Cannabis Act in our state as we know it.

It is now up to the people to put the pressure on our legislators. You no longer have the luxury of letting other people take care of this issue.

Not a single person from the medical cannabis community was allowed to be part of this secretive group. That fact alone shows the complete lack of science, compassion and ethics around this wholesale destruction of our rights. 15 years of legal precedence paid for in blood and tears is about to be swept aside if these people get their way, all in the name of state tax revenue and obedience to a draconian federal policy on cannabis as medicine.

To see a detailed account of the subterfuge required to pull this off, please go to our article, ‘Secretive “MMJ Work Group” Plans to Kill Medical Cannabis Exposed – Part Two’ here on 420leaks!

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