Who are the real 99% Fakers? It’s Not the Medical Users

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By John Worthington

Hello Committee Members,

After watching the September 10, 2013 kangaroo court on I-502 and medical marijuana I feel compelled to retort. First of all I think that any committee meeting regarding marijuana that is chaired by a cop is 99 percent fake. Rep. Christopher Hurst (heretofore Officer Hurst) proved my point when he openly wished people would not use the I-502 model because the stigma of legalization would be over.

Officer Hurst has a problem holding back how he really feels about cannabis. He claims he supports the will of the people yet he openly talks about how he wishes people would not participate in the process. Officer Hurst should not be involved with this process and as long as he is the process will be 99 percent fake.

As far as the rest of the I-502 portion of the hearing went, it was chock full of proof that the current I-502 model will go broke trying to pay for all of the overhead that will be pushed upon the process. Officer Hurst went on to say that many of these recreational cannabis businesses will go under using the Colorado cannabis model as an example.

The LCB has also made similar comments yet there has been no effort to trim down expenses and create a profitable business concept. In addition, the I-502 hearing also proved it was 99 percent fake due to the lack of participation by interested cannabis parties. You heard from everyone except the genuine cannabis users.

A hearing or working group without all the stakeholders is 99 percent fake and an affront to the true democratic process. Officer Hurst is now well known for his inability to handle dissenting opinion and his continued involvement with cannabis issues will continue to relegate the process to being 99 percent fake.

The medical cannabis portion of the hearing was even more of a joke. Officer Hurst throws out the comment that all medical cannabis is 99 percent fake. “But don’t get me wrong he says”. Officer Hurst supports medical cannabis. Officer Hurst supports medical cannabis so much, he wants them all to get their medical marijuana from a process he himself admits will go under.

Sorry Officer Hurst you are wrong, you don’t support medical cannabis. You support medical cannabis users getting medical cannabis from a process you do not expect to survive. Talk about 99 percent fake.

Furthermore you have never understood anything about medical cannabis and the desired components of cannabis that most medical users seek, which is CBD and CBN. These components have beneficial medical qualities and your “broke on arrival” I-502 model provides no access to the most important medical qualities of cannabis.

Of course the stakeholders you invited to your 99 percent fake hearing process failed to point this out. In fact, the people you did invite underscore the political process in Washington State. Kristi Weeks was there to give the hearing panel what John Lane wanted the panel to hear not to talk about CBD or CBN or the lack of availability for those products in the I-502 model.

The rule making process in this state is a sham. All of the government agencies take the real rule making from the Governors policy office. The state agencies can’t tie their shoes without being told how to tie them by the Governor’s policy office.

This was proven when the Department of Health was tasked with determining a 60 day supply of cannabis in SB 6032,and the LCB rulemaking in I-502 has been no different. The LCB has the same puppet strings attached to it as the DOH.

Those strings go straight to John Lane at the Governors policy office. With such command and control over rule making, the governor’s office can undermine the process at will and develop rule making outside the realm of the Open Public Meetings act.

Here in Washington State the rule making is all done behind closed doors or in chain and serial emails, something that was supposed to be illegal in Washington State according to the Washington State Supreme Court case law. What little open public meetings there are is nothing more than a dog and pony show for the public.

From what I have seen the rule making process in Washington State is also 99 percent fake. The Governor, law enforcement lobbyists WAPA,WASPC, treatment industry lobbyists, banking officials, and a few sell outs from the cannabis movement (Phil Wyatt, Lonnie Johns Brown, Ezra Eickmeyer, John Davis, Muraco, Jeff Gilmore), all huddle in the back room to determine what will really happen.

It is sickening to continue watching the corrupt and 99 percent fake political process in Washington State. The most I can hope for is to reach the interested public that happens to watch TVW, not to actually influence what I already know happens behind closed doors.

My message and plea to all of the legislators that want revenue from cannabis industries, is to take back the process by wrestling it from Officer Hurst and the Governor’s office. The I-502 model cannot sustain itself and will become insolvent unless changes are made to it legislatively.

First and foremost the 25 percent tax at all phases must be reduced for the sake of I-502. Every person that has been looking at the I-502 concept knows it will not work with a tax structure that high.

Second, if you want medical cannabis patients to use the I-502 model the taxes must be reduced and the CBD and CBN products must be sold.

Third, do not wait for the banking laws to change. De-schedule cannabis and take it out of schedule on on a state level and trigger de-scheduling on a federal level. This will remove the criminal penalties from Cannabis and allow banking to be done.

A fourth option would be to eliminate the distribution part of I-502 and create an enabling process that allows people to grow their own cannabis in commercial p-patch zones that remove the process from the neighborhoods so the process can be profitable thanks to commercial power rates. These processes can charge for the power, the dirt, the pots, the fertilizers, and not run afoul of federal laws because there is no actual distribution system.

These are suggestions to make I-502 or medical cannabis work for revenue purposes made by a cannabis user with genuine belief that cannabis industries should be a part of our economic process. This suggestion is not a 99 percent fake belief put forward by an entity that has a vested economic interest in the continuation of prohibition, like Officer Hurst and the Governors office.


Watch the hearing here

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