Liquor Control Board Conducting Unannounced Visits to Medical Collectives

LadyBuds Inc., a collective garden located in Black Diamond, WA, reported yesterday over Facebook about an unannounced visit by a Washington State Liquor Control Board officer to her collective garden site.

We followed up immediately by contacting the owner and the LCB officer.

Here’s the post from LadyBuds

“Liquor Control Board just stopped by (Officer Diana Peters). Seriously. They said they wanted a ‘tour’ of our facility. We said, “No, not without the proper paperwork – which would be a medical authorization (valid, of course) or a search warrant.” They also went on to say, “That they are the people who will be regulating us.” NOT KIDDING FOLKS. LCB just came in to tell us that they will be regulating us! We aren’t recreational – we haven’t applied for a recreational license. We are for medical! 502 states that LCB has no control over medical marijuana!”

She then stated, “Well we denied them entrance because they (female Diana Peters and her tag-along male friend) did not have medical authorization nor did they have a search warrant. So, they left and I called the lawyer and posted this situation all over facebook. (We encourage people to SHARE this – btw).”

420leaks contacted the owner by phone and confirmed the story.  We have also asked the media contact person at the Liquor Control Board for their official response an have sent in a public records request on this or any other, or any training that involves making unannounced visits to medical collectives where they have no authority to be.

We also asked for a received a response directly from Officer Peters.  She obviously thought we were the owners…

Subject: RE: Your help would be appreciated
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 09:41:26 -0700

Sir, my visit was merely to gain “personnel” understanding of a “medical marijuana facility.”  Yes, the state is in the process of regulating the marijuana but we are not taking any enforcement actions until next year and that would still “not pertain to your establishment.”   My intent was only to gain a understanding from your staff.  I had done a routine unannounced premise check at the “Liquor Store” beside your business and thought I’d ask.  We have other Officers in the Seattle area that have been given complimentary tours by other “Medical Marijuana Facilities” and they gained a wonderful understanding and I was just hoping for the same.

I had a “ride a long” that also wanted education in your field.  You sir, are the “experts” pertaining to this.

I apologies for any inconvenience  or added concerns this may have caused. 

If I can help you out in any way, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Thank you again,

 Officer Diana C Peters #489

Tukwila Enforcement & Education Division

14900 Interurban Ave. South; Suite 120

Tukwila, WA 98168

Cell:  (206) 200-2727

Fax:   (206) 439-3700

Here’s the card she left for the collective…



What’s going on here?  The WSLCB is a rogue agency out of control.  This needs to stop now.  Our medical rights are getting trashed by this state in it’s desire to extract wealth from the most vulnerable in our society.

Ben Livington from Seattle’s, “The Stranger” has obtained more information from the LCB’s Rick Garza:

“”We’re gonna have to figure out why one of our officers felt the need to visit a dispensary,” says Garza. “We have not instructed enforcement staff to do anything related to medical marijuana dispensaries, and as you probably know, we don’t have authority over medical cannabis.”

“Some people are paranoid that the liquor board is out to close down all the medical dispensaries and that’s just not the case,” he stresses. “I’m a little embarrassed. It plays into the paranoia some people have.”

Please read Ben’s article on The Stranger at

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