WSLCB Sued Over “Determination of Non-Significance” Issued for State I-502 Rules

Cannabis Action Coalition board member Arthur West’s lawsuit and complaint against the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

It seems the WSLCB has tried to cut corners by claiming implementing I-502 rules will not result in any significant environmental impact to the state. However, over 50 cities and some counties have been claiming otherwise in their moratoriums.

View the documents here:


Exhibits DNS 1



WSLCB I-502 State Environmental Impact Records – No Redactions Required

Results of a SEPA request by Arthur West by 420leaks

The Cannabis Action Coalition sleuths continue to file public records requests with the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) to uncover what they’re doing behind closed doors.

While some of the BOTEC studies are up on the LBC website, our most recent records search has uncovered the unpublished BOTEC studies that the WSLCB doesn’t want you to see…and they’re very interesting!

Read ALL these studies and find out what’s going on behind the WSLCB’s veil of secrecy.

View the BOTEC Analysis Environmental impact reports and more uncovered by Arthur’s public records request in this document:

13 07 006 SEPA _Redacted by 420leaks


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