The Corrupting Influence of Police Informants

By John Novak, 420leaks editor

 Medical Cannabis patients have had to face a very corrupt practice used by law enforcement:  Police Informants.
One of the most infamous cases concerns the following in Okanogan County here in Washington State.  North Central Washington Drug Task Force knowingly used an HIV-positive prostitute as an undercover informant to lure men into selling her drugs.  She was also a medical cannabis patient.  Thanks to the November Coalition for making us aware of this case.  Please click the link to read that article here:


I was also set up by a police informant in Okanogan County who tried to extract a $5000 reward for turning me in to the Washington State Patrol.  Fortunately, he never got his money because the criminal charges were dismissed after 2 years of court hearings.  Links to my story here:

Radio interview:

To learn more about how police informants are used, there’s no better teacher than Alexandra Natapoff.  She’s been investigating this issue for years.
Her blog is at




Book TV: Alexandra Natapoff, “Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice”



Snitching: The Institutional and Communal Consequences
By Alexandra Natapoff on 420leaks

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