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Lawsuit Against WSLCB Over New Rule on Pricing

Lawsuit Against WSLCB Over New Rule on Pricing

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Dear I-502’er:

We at Stonehenge Cannabis are fed up with the Liquor Control Board’s dictatorial policies, favoritism towards special interest groups such as the Association of Washington Cities, and lack of transparency on rule-making.

This lawsuit was filed today on behalf of Stonehenge Cannabis against the Board’s unconstitutional and unauthorized attempt to create a Stalinist command economy for the marijuana market.

The Washington State constitution prohibits monopolies and taxation that is as vague and ambiguous as WAC 314-55-017, yet the new “emergency” rule gives the Board broad discretion to dictate prices and interfere with private businesses. The rule was sloppily adopted, without any rudimentary understanding of basic taxation or accounting principles, and without a long-term direction for the survival of the marijuana industry in Washington. The Board is fixated on money, while forgetting its mandate to undercut the black market for marijuana.

Washington law gives us 7 days to file a Petition with Governor Inslee to void WAC 314-55-017

Please contact me if you would like to be a signatory to that petition, which I will be delivering personally to the Governor’s office next week.


Liz Hallock
Stonehenge Cannabis
Murdock, WA