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New public records reveal effort to repeal Medical Cannabis laws to favor I-502‏

This is just a sample of over 4,000 new documents that the LCB has been concealing for over a year.

In the last two months, Arthur West has been to court FOUR times to compel them to answer discovery under penalty of perjury. Now there are a bunch of new records that have not previously been disclosed.

The first shows WASAVP (Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention) and NW HIDTA (Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) members (and the Washington State Patrol) “openly” conspiring to Kill MMJ.

HIDTA-MMJ Repeal by 420leaks

“Repeal of the current medical marijuana statute which is rendered redundant with the passage of 1-502 and allows the continued operation of collective gardens (while personal cultivation is prohibited by 1-502), nominally-regulated “dispensaries” (outside of and in competition with state-sanctioned sales), and access for youth and adolescents who obtain parental consent to obtain a Medical Marijuana card.”

This second file is an email showing a list of who the LCB was really consulting for their implementation while public hearings were going on…

Whos Who by 420leaks