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What is a 60 day supply? 6 plants is not even close

There are 3 main bills in front of the Washington State Legislature:  5887, 6178 and 2149.

All of these have one thing in common:  they reduce possession amounts and plant limits.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is the State went through a very exhaustive process to determine what a 60 day supply in in 2008.  The original I-692 initiative was in 1998 and lacked clarity on this issue.

Here’s the files on this 2008 process, showing that even the 15 plants patients have now is really not enough.

So who is coming up with these plant count numbers that are restrictive and arbitrary?

Why, law enforcement, of course!

This first file is a draft press release letter.  The best of the other files is installment #3.

DOH 6032 Limits Draft by 420leaks



Segment 001 of DIRM Search_158745_pdf-r by 420leaks

Segment 002 of DIRM Search_158745_pdf-r by 420leaks

Segment 003 of DIRM Search_158745_pdf-r by 420leaks

Segment 004 of DIRM Search_158745_pdf-r by 420leaks

ESSB 5034 SR_2013-60925 SEGMENT 5 NMR by 420leaks

Hey I502 Applicants, did you factor in the Federal tax?

We had a tax accountant come up with this program so you can see what the cost will be on cannabis in the state of Washington if I502 moves forward.

We’ve all heard about the 3 levels of taxation at 25% on producers, processors and retailers.

Then there’s the State sales tax at around 10%.

But then there’s this other part.  One that the Liquor Control Board, Dept. of Revenue and key legislators have failed to talk about.

Download the calculater here:

I502 spreadsheet calculator-2

Medical Cannabis HB 2149 Bill Would Hurt Our Veterans Most

Are you a VETERAN in Washington State? Please take notice and contact your legislators ASAP!

From Gina Garcia RE House Bill 2149:
Letter to her legislators:

Dear Mr Dansel, Mrs Short and Mr Kretz,

One thing that I feel has been overlooked in the Substitute bill on medical cannabis bill 2149 (sponsored by Rep. Cody) is that Section 5 talks about Physicians approving for more plants or ounces. I am a veteran and like many of us, the VA is a federal Institution. THEY WILL NOT approve us of using cannabis, So while we are treated at the VA, we take our medical records to an outside clinic that goes over our records to make sure we qualify as patients. THEY WILL NOT Approve us if we don’t Qualify.

So can you tell me where we are suppose to get our authorizations if this bill passes? It will Hurt so many veterans. Who can authorize the vets if we get our primary care at the VA?

Please read Section 5 and see why Veterans wont qualify for Medical Cannabis UNLESS you are saying the VA will be able authorize us now?

Gina Garcia