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Why is I502 having such a hard time compared to Colorado?

The big differences are:

Unlike Washington State, Colorado seems to have found a way to work with their medical cannabis market. We’ll get into that in future posts.

But the main difference is not that. A recent email uncovered in a public records request to the Department of Revenue reveals the secret:

“Interesting though that no one corrected the email to say that Colorado voters passed a constitutional amendment…not an initiative. I think the Colorado Department of Revenue will have an easier time implementing their law than the LCB will because the CO legislature gets to actually pass laws to uphold their constitution rather than just pass interpretive rules like LCB has to do. Huge difference if it ever gets challenged on either state or federal grounds. As much as we like to think we are in the same position as CO, we are not.”

There you have it. Hey Washington State…time to put it in our state constitution. Remove it from the controlled substances act while you are at it!

22104626 – DOR CO vs WA by 420leaks

I-502 Licensees Sell Out Medical and Support SB 5887 to End Medical

By Steve Sarich
Cannabis Action Coalition

Here are are the list of people from the community that signed in to support Senator Rivers bill 5887 to end medical cannabis in Washington. Thanks to them, Rivers’ bill has now moved out of the Healthcare Committee and on to the Commerce & Labor committee. From there it goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

What do all these people (except Ryan Day) have in common?

Most if not all have applied for 502 Producer licenses.

Ezra Eickmeyer (Washington Cannabis Association)
Alex Cooley (Solstice)
Dawn Darrington (Choice Wellness)
Patrick Seifert (Rainier Express)
Tammy Ramsay (Bicknell)
Cat Jeter (Independent Cannabis Producers)
Phil Dawdy (Washington Cannabis Association)
Jake Lamont (Associated with Phil & Ezra)
Michael Paxhia (Herbal Healing)
Jeff Gilmore (Tenino)
Ryan Day

They added their support to these fine folks:
Kristi Weeks – DOH
Don Pierce – Washington Association of Sheriffs’ and Police Chiefs
Candice Bock – Association of Washington Cities
Brian Enslow – Wash. Association of Counties
Rick Garza – Liquor Control Board

If you don’t believe me, here’s the official sign-in sheet from the Committee Staff. If medical dies this year, you’ll know who to thank.

5887 Sign In


Please contact the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee Members below and tell them no changes to RCW 69.51a in 2014!  No registry, no taxation, NO LCB!

Committee Members

Senator Room Phone
Holmquist Newbry, Janéa (R) Chair INB 106B (360) 786-7624
Braun, John (R) Vice Chair INB 103 (360) 786-7638
Conway, Steve (D) * JAC 212 (360) 786-7656
Hasegawa, Bob (D) JAC 220 (360) 786-7616
Hewitt, Mike (R) INB 204 (360) 786-7630
King, Curtis (R) JAC 305 (360) 786-7626
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (D) JAC 219 (360) 786-7670

Cannabis Action Coalition inviting medical patients to Olympia on January 14th-15th

The Cannabis Action Coalition will be holding their lobby day event in Olympia, WA this year on January 14th & 15th.   Patients wanting to participate can O’Brien House building, room B15 (basement).


From the Facebook event page at

Medical cannabis is under attack here in Washington. The State Liquor Control Board, along with numerous members of the state legislature, are attempting to eliminate the rights of medical cannabis patients in this state.

Patients from across the state will be travelling to the State Capitol in Olympia to meet face to face with their Senators and Representatives to let them know that our healthcare issues should be addressed by healthcare professionals – NOT by lobbyists, lawyers, and bureaucrats.

We are asking legislators not to support ANY changes to RCW 69.51A that seriously impact the rights of medical cannabis patients, but rather to wait until they sort out the issues surrounding I-502 before taking any legislative action on medical cannabis issues.

This is NOT a “protest” or a “rally”, but an opportunity to let our legislators know what issues are most critical to us, and that we expect them to protect the rights of medical patients in Washington. Please leave your protest signs at home!

We have secured a meeting room for the event in the basement level of the O’Brien House building, room B15.

Our Lobby Day Meeting Room will be open from 9am – 1pm both days. CAC volunteers will assist you with finding you legislators, help you set up set up appointments, and even accompany you to your meetings if you like.

The room will also serve as a patient lounge and lunch room for those bringing their own food. We also expect to have sandwiches available. If you prefer, you can also purchase food in the Capitol Cafeteria.

We will have plenty of red “SAVE MEDICAL CANNABIS” T-shirts, hoodies, and buttons available in the meeting room.
Other groups will be on the Capitol Campus during our Lobby Days, so where your red shirt and hoodies so that the legislators know that you’re a patient!

T-shirts are $10
Hoodies are $25-$30 depending on the size
Buttons are FREE!

We realize that many patients will need to medicate at some point during the day, but we want to remind everyone that smoking cannabis in public is a violation of state law and we DO NOT want to be disrespectful during our visit to the Capitol Campus.

We have made arrangements for alternative medicating options. Simply contact a CAC volunteer and they’ll be able to assist you. You are also welcome to bring alternative forms of medication such as medibles and tinture to use while you’re at the Capitol.

If we are asking our legislators to respect our medical rights, we must also show them respect and not violate state law while we’re there. If you see others lighting up in public there, please let a CAC staffer know immediately!

If you have questions, either before, or during the event, you can call the CAC hotline at: (206) 612-9044

GuestHouse Inn & Suites Olympia/Tumwater
1600 74th Ave SW Tumwater, WA 98501
(360) 943-5040

Cured Cooperative
Cured Co-op will be supplying $20 gas credits and $20 store credit to anyone who make the trip from Spokane to Olympia! contact them at 509-808-2800 for more information!

Washington: Cannabis Consumers, Businesses Invited To Take I-502 Medical Patient Impact Survey

Washington: Cannabis Consumers, Businesses Invited To Take I-502 Medical Patient Impact Survey – Take it now at


By Steve Elliott Hemp News
Cannabis Action Coalition

It is clear, according to Seattle-based patient advocacy group Cannabis Action Coalition, that the Washington State Legislature will attempt to eliminate or significantly change the state’s medical cannabis laws during the 2014 session.

The CAC, a nonprofit organization, is conducting a survey to identify the impacts the adopted rules and recommendations implementing Initiative 502 will have on medical cannabis patients and small businesses in Washington.

The information from this survey will be used by the group to create a report to educate the Legislature, Liquor Control Board, and members of the public on the potential effects the I-502 rules and recommendations will have on medical cannabis patients, dispensaries, medical clinics, and small businesses.

Patients and cannabis consumers are invited to complete the survey by Monday, January 13, and send it on to others as well. All responses will remain confidential and will not be identified by individual participant.

Here is a link to the I-502 Medical Patient and Small Business Impact Survey:

See more at: