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Washington: Cannabis Consumers, Businesses Invited To Take I-502 Medical Patient Impact Survey


Washington: Cannabis Consumers, Businesses Invited To Take I-502 Medical Patient Impact Survey – Take it now at


By Steve Elliott Hemp News
Cannabis Action Coalition

It is clear, according to Seattle-based patient advocacy group Cannabis Action Coalition, that the Washington State Legislature will attempt to eliminate or significantly change the state’s medical cannabis laws during the 2014 session.

The CAC, a nonprofit organization, is conducting a survey to identify the impacts the adopted rules and recommendations implementing Initiative 502 will have on medical cannabis patients and small businesses in Washington.

The information from this survey will be used by the group to create a report to educate the Legislature, Liquor Control Board, and members of the public on the potential effects the I-502 rules and recommendations will have on medical cannabis patients, dispensaries, medical clinics, and small businesses.

Patients and cannabis consumers are invited to complete the survey by Monday, January 13, and send it on to others as well. All responses will remain confidential and will not be identified by individual participant.

Here is a link to the I-502 Medical Patient and Small Business Impact Survey: -

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The Corrupting Influence of Police Informants


By John Novak, 420leaks editor

 Medical Cannabis patients have had to face a very corrupt practice used by law enforcement:  Police Informants.
One of the most infamous cases concerns the following in Okanogan County here in Washington State.  North Central Washington Drug Task Force knowingly used an HIV-positive prostitute as an undercover informant to lure men into selling her drugs.  She was also a medical cannabis patient.  Thanks to the November Coalition for making us aware of this case.  Please click the link to read that article here:


I was also set up by a police informant in Okanogan County who tried to extract a $5000 reward for turning me in to the Washington State Patrol.  Fortunately, he never got his money because the criminal charges were dismissed after 2 years of court hearings.  Links to my story here:

Radio interview:

To learn more about how police informants are used, there’s no better teacher than Alexandra Natapoff.  She’s been investigating this issue for years.
Her blog is at




Book TV: Alexandra Natapoff, “Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice”



Snitching: The Institutional and Communal Consequences
By Alexandra Natapoff on 420leaks