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Salus Plebeyos Suprema Lex
The Joy of Those Who Create is the Supreme Law

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Where Ethics, Science
& Spirituality Blend


    With this planet currently experiencing great geophysical and sociological change, information and products from honest sources with the highest levels of integrity becomes a necessity for the conscious human.   The arts of ethics, science and spirituality are the tools on which valuable knowledge can be uncovered. Proper use of the knowledge uncovered about our past and present will help us create a more prosperous and joyful existence for ourselves and the greater family of mankind.

     Since 1995, Changing Planet has dedicated itself to the conscious human, offering high quality products and providing information on Ethics, Science and Spirituality through this website and our email newsletter.  Armed with this knowledge, we can share hidden  information and technology with those open minded people ready to move beyond the fear, separation and control by a greedy few.  We can create the prosperous and joyful New World hoped for and dreamed of by our past and present artists, philosophers, prophets, scientists and lovers of freedom and liberty.

     Ultimately, however, it's not enough to be right. One must be right for the right reasons.  That can only begin in one place: within yourself.   It is time for this planet to change and Mother Earth will be much kinder to us if we put our Ethics, Science and Spirituality in to conscious action for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.